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    2.200.000 VND
    The MTP 440 DM is an exceptionally versatile, precision-engineered cardioid dynamic microphone ideally suited for upscale live sound and studio recording applications. Featuring a high-performance capsule which delivers a remarkably bright and lively sound, the MTP 440 is perfect for miking drums, percussion instruments, brasses, woodwinds, and vocals.

    The MTP 440’s cardioid pattern ensures perfect off-axis rejection and exceptionally high gain before feedback. Unwanted reflections or background noise are effectively suppressed. High-quality components and rugged construction make it a number one choice for touring professionals and artists around the globe.
  • LEWITT LCT 240

    LEWITT LCT 240

    4.500.000 VND
    LCT 240 là micro thu âm condenser với hiệu suất cao, không bị biến dạng và âm thanh tự nhiên ấm áp. Với tự tiếng ồn rất thấp và dải động rộng đảm bảo tái tạo âm thanh chi tiết trong bất kì thiết lập. Được thiết kế để sử dụng trong các buổi biểu diễn trực tiếp cũng như ghi âm studio, LCT 240 sẽ để lại một ấn tượng lâu dài với người dùng mong đợi theo dõi âm thanh chính xác và không thay đổi trong giọng nói, giọng hát và nhạc cụ.
  • LEWITT LCT 450

    LEWITT LCT 450

    10.500.000 VND
    The LCT 450 steps up to the plate with the LCT 540’s capsule and thus features a natural, authentic sound with first-class transient response due to the ultra-thin, gold-layered, low-mass, 1-inch diaphragm, while its cardioid polar pattern ensures effective rear sound rejection both onstage and in the studio. It comes with two-step switchable pre-attenuation for an ear-splitting maximum SPL of 173 dB at 20 dB of attenuation. Two low-cut settings help to reduce unwanted low-frequency noise like wind, footsteps or the like.

    Clever features known from flagships like the LCT 640 or LCT 940 are also onboard, including automatic attenuation and clipping history – as well as, of course, the illuminated user interface for quick and easy handling in dark environments. All this, combined with the brilliant, clear and authentic sound that characterizes our recording microphones, has been packed into our well-known LCT 240 housing to ensure that the LCT 450 isn’t too dominant as an onstage overhead; studio users, on the other hand, will appreciate the appealing look that reflects its professional inner workings.

    In short: the LCT 450 has everything it needs and nothing more, so what you pay for is pure performance rather than gimmicks. The LCT 450 is LEWITT’s gateway to the world of large-membrane condenser microphones for everyone who’s looking for the best performance at an affordable price!
  • LEWITT LCT 550

    LEWITT LCT 550

    15.500.000 VND
    The LCT 550 is the first and only large-diaphragm studio microphone ever to achieve 0 dB (A) self-noise*. That makes it possible to capture even extremely weak signals with great precision and detail.

    The Austrian-developed LCT 550 sets new standards in terms of more than just self-noise. A dynamic range of 140 dB (A) guarantees the best-possible results even in challenging settings. The three pre-attenuation levels (0 dB, -6 dB and -12 dB) increase maximum SPL to as high as 155 dB (A). The LCT 550 also offers a clipping history as well as an auto-attenuation mode that automatically switches to the next level of attenuation if the signal is too strong. For the elimination of structure-borne noise, there are two high-pass filters: 80Hz, 12dB/octave and 160Hz, 6dB/octave.

    Manufacturing tolerances have been minimized thanks to highly precise calibration of the capsule and the electronics – which means that any two microphones from this series, set identically, will always form a matched pair at +/- 0 dB!

    * 0dB-A electronics only, 3 dB (A) according to IEC 60268-1 due to Brownian motion (in simple terms: the sound caused by the movement of air molecules ...)
  • LEWITT LCT 640

    LEWITT LCT 640

    21.600.000 VND
    LEWITT’s LCT 640 is designed to raise the bar in its class of reference-quality large-diaphragm condenser microphones. This Austrian-designed and engineered pro-mic delivers a smooth, unsurpassably rich and exceptionally nuanced sound, and exhibits a remarkable set of qualities that enthuses even the most discerning users. The LCT 640 excels in a variety of demanding studio applications and stands for unrivalled performance in miking lead and background vocals, drums, percussion instruments, grand pianos, brass and woodwinds, classical music ensembles. In addition to the standard omni-directional, cardioid and figure-8 polar patterns, the LCT 640 offers a wide-cardioid and super-cardioid characteristic. It offers a dynamic range of 135 dB and stands out for its extremely low self-noise of 10 dB. In combination with a 4-level high-pass filter and 4-level switchable pre-attenuation, the LCT 640 provides maximum versatility in all recording situations. Automatic attenuation, key-lock, clipping history, push buttons and a light-up user interface round off the features of this outstanding microphone.
  • LEWITT DGT 650

    LEWITT DGT 650

    12.800.000 VND
    The LEWITT DGT 650 is a stereo USB recording solution and interface for PC, Mac and iOS devices in one. It features four recording modes starting with the XY Stereo Mode for live stereo recording. Cardioid Mode for vocal recordings and similar applications. In Singer/Songwriter Mode an acoustic and a line source - like vocals and a guitar - are recorded on separate tracks. The Stereo Line-In Mode is for capturing a stereo line signal like a synthesizer or mixing console stereo output. Furthermore MIDI is available also in all four modes.

    24 bit / 96 kHz, 110 dB dynamic range, two step pre-attenuation and high pass filter lay the foundations for best-possible recordings. Asynchronous USB transfer, support of OS X Core Audio and ASIO for Windows, the option to crossfade between zero latency direct and minimum latency tape return monitoring and the built-in high impedance amplifier for studio headphones, ... all those features in one single device opens up a wide range of possible applications: recording vocals, instruments and live acts wherever you go, stereo miking, field recording, Podcasts and YouTube productions, just to name a view.

    In short: the DGT 650 is more like your mobile recording studio than just a USB microphone.
  • LEWITT LCT 840

    LEWITT LCT 840

    21.990.000 VND
    LEWITT’s LCT 840 is a premium-class externally polarized dual-diaphragm tube microphone designed to excel in a variety of demanding applications. Equipped with a precision-engineered 1-inch capsule, the LCT 840 stands for exceptionally warm and classic, solid vintage sound. Perfectly suited for miking vocals and instruments, this rugged multi-purpose microphone allows for highly nuanced and authentic sound reproduction in the studio and even on stage. Five switchable polar patterns – omni-directional, cardioid, figure-8, wide-cardioid and super-cardioid – make the LCT 840 a highly versatile tool for professional audio engineers and performers looking for true and authentic tube sound. Like all LEWITT mics, the LCT 840 stands out for its extremely low self-noise of 9 dB and effective rejection of off-axis sounds. The microphone features three levels of attenuation and three switchable high-pass filters, LEDs and pushbuttons for noiseless handling on the power supply unit (PSU). LEWITT LCT 840 Apart from user-friendly operating controls and advanced technological features so essential to memorable recordings, the LCT 840 also makes an eye-catching design statement: The microphone is equipped with a plexiglass inspection window on the front side of the body, so the illuminated tube itself is fully exposed. The inside window surface is coated with a highly conductive, yet transparent film preventing electromagnetic interference. In short: The unique combination of innovative design, high-end technology and tube-typical sound quality ensures magic takes.
  • LEWITT LCT 940

    LEWITT LCT 940

    37.500.000 VND
    Sound professionals naturally rely on a set of different high-end microphones in order to get the best out of their sound. But changing microphones and adjusting settings takes valuable time, the creative flow of a session is interrupted. With its new Authentica series flagship LCT 940, LEWITT now introduces a microphone that will revolutionize modern studio recording procedures and help engineers and artists to react more quickly to a desired change of style and sound.

    The LCT 940 combines the specific characteristics of a premium large-diaphragm FET condenser microphone and a top-notch tube microphone in one housing. Basically, users can choose between the two main settings "FET" and "Tube". These two signal paths have been incorporated separately and work independently of each other.

    "Tube" delivers the classic, warm and rich tube sound, while "FET" stands for the clear, exceptionally rich and nuanced sound LEWITT condenser microphones are renowned for. However, the LCT 940 offers another unique feature that true recording enthusiasts will swoon over: As the characteristics of the two main settings can be mixed and merged continuously variable, the LCT 940 opens up huge creative possibilities for artists and producers.

    Furthermore, the LCT 940 features a total of nine different polar patterns – our five "standard" polar patterns omni-directional, cardioid, figure-8, wide- and super-cardioid and four additional intermediate patterns. The microphone features four levels of attenuation and four switchable high-pass filters, LEDs and push buttons for noiseless handling on the PSU. Automatic attenuation and clipping history round off the outstanding feature list of the LCT 940.

    Rich in advanced technological features, the LCT 940 opens up a new dimension of sound reproduction in demanding professional studio applications. Its unrivaled set of qualities makes this microphone a must-have for recording pros who strive for nothing less than perfection.
  • LEWITT DTP Beat Kit 6

    LEWITT DTP Beat Kit 6

    16.500.000 VND
    The DTP Beat Kit 6 is a conveniently packaged start-up selection of dynamic and condenser drum and percussion microphones and mounts, designed to offer performers and audio engineers of all experience levels everything needed for expert live sound reinforcement, home recording and studio recording.

    The 6-piece drum kit includes one DTP 340 REX and three DTP 340 TT super-cardioid dynamic drum mics, two LCT 140 condenser mics, windshields and drum- and shock mounting systems, and comes in a convenient black aluminium carrying case. Thanks to carefully tailored frequency responses optimized for drum and percussion applications, as well as precision dynamic capsules and uniform directional pickup patterns ensuring high gain before feedback, the DTP 340 REX and the DTP 340 TT deliver fine-tuned drum sound with extraordinary detail and impact onstage and in the studio. LEWITT’s highly versatile and compact condenser all-rounder, the LCT 140, allows for accurate and clear sound capture of cymbals. Its transformerless design makes it immune to electromagnetic interference, and convenient LED displays and recessed slide switches make it a perfect fit for live applications.

    The complete kit comes in a rugged aluminium case which allows for easy travel and secure storage.
  • LEWITT DTP Beat Kit Pro 7

    LEWITT DTP Beat Kit Pro 7

    30.800.000 VND
    The DTP Beat Kit Pro 7 is an elite full-spectrum drum set designed for an ever growing number of professional drummers and sound engineers looking for a high-performance all-rounder kit that allows for reproducing authentic, powerful sound full of detail in any setting. From upscale studio projects to big live acts, the DTP Beat Kit Pro 7 provides just the kind of reliable premium gear you need for a memorable performance.

    This 7-piece pro-kit contains our drum mic masterpiece, the dual-element cardioid DTP 640 REX, three dynamic DTP 340 TT mics, two LCT 340 condenser mics and one cardioid dynamic MTP 440 DM mic, as well as a selection of shock and drum mounts. All these pro-quality, precision-engineered microphones feature a tailored frequency response designed specifically for miking drums, percussions and bass instruments. The complete package exhibits fantastic SPL handling and off-axis sound rejection, delivering remarkably bright, smooth and balanced sound-anytime, anywhere.

    The complete kit comes in a rugged aluminium case which allows for easy travel and secure storage.
  • LEWITT LCT 140

    LEWITT LCT 140

    5.480.000 VND
    The LCT 140 is an extremely versatile, easy-to-use, compact 2/3-inch back-electret condenser microphone, perfectly suited for quality-conscious casual users. Its low-mass diaphragm delivers an exceptionally clear and natural sound, making it the perfect fit for a wide range of live and studio applications including drums and percussion, acoustic instruments or even vocal ensembles.

    Thanks to its uniform cardioid pickup pattern that effectively suppresses off-axis sound, a wide dynamic range of 124 dB and its very low self-noise, the LCT 140 adds transparency and distortion-free detail to every sound recording. Its transformerless output design makes it immune to electromagnetic interference. The LED display can optionally be switched on and off for better handling in different environments. In short, the LCT 140 is an extremely versatile all-rounder microphone.
  • LEWITT LCT 340

    LEWITT LCT 340

    10.980.000 VND
    LEWITT’s LCT 340 is a 0.8-inch externally polarized condenser microphone that excels at capturing acoustic and percussion instruments, drums and vocals, and is perfectly suited for sophisticated live and studio applications. Two interchangeable capsules allow for quick and easy switching of patterns, ensuring greater flexibility without changing microphones.

    The LCT 340 is equipped with four-position low-cut filter and pre-attenuation slide switches, dual-color LED indicators and a convenient snap closure. It offers a dynamic range of 124 dB and stands out for its extremely low self-noise of 15 dB. Last but not least, its transformerless output makes this ruggedly designed pro-mic resistant to electrical interference and a first-class pick for true sound enthusiasts.


    7.250.000 VND
    Thanks to variably controlled dual element technology and fine tuned frequency responses, our flagship among drum microphones, the DTP 640 REX, offers unparalleled and powerful sound that will delight professional drummers and sound engineers alike. The DTP 640 REX is equipped with a high quality dynamic element and a condenser element – the dynamic element ensures accurate reproduction of the bass drum kick, while the condenser element optimally captures the rich low frequency sound of the drum’s shell. In order to guarantee full control over the two elements, they can be separately mixed on their own channels.

    Since 2012, the DTP 640 REX offers two more features. The dynamic element emphasizes frequency ranges relevant for the kick drum in the ‘Dynamic Enhanced Frequency Response’ setting switchable right on the microphone, while the condenser element captures the sound neutrally. With ‘Dual Enhanced Frequency Response’, the character of the sound can be shaped even more individually – with this setting, the condenser element focuses on frequencies from 70 to 150 Hz and delivers a full body sound. The dynamic element provides the necessary power by focusing on the range between 3 and 5 kHz.

    The combination of these features with the comprehensive tonal freedom of dual-element technology greatly increases the range of use, turning the DTP 640 REX into a universal tool for bass-heavy applications.


    4.160.000 VND
    The ambitious DTP 340 REX developed for entry-level use and its upscale big brother designed for professional use, the DTP 640 REX, make the hearts of beat aficionados beat faster. Thanks to its cardioid polar pattern and customized frequency response, the dynamic DTP 340 REX offers everything you need to mic bass instruments: catchy, impressive sound and reliable performance on stage and in the studio.

    Since 2012, the DTP 340 REX offers another innovative feature. In addition to the accustomed neutral and pure sound – developed for maximum application diversity –, the ‘Enhanced Frequency Response’ switchable right on the microphone will deliver an unbeatably impressive sound by emphasizing frequencies from 70-150 Hz and 3-5 kHz – especially optimized for use on kick drums.
  • SHURE SM89

    SHURE SM89

    16.180.000 VND
    Condenser shotgun microphone
  • Micro AKG PERCEPTION 120

    Micro AKG PERCEPTION 120

    3.900.000 VND
  • Micro AKG PERCEPTION 170

    Micro AKG PERCEPTION 170

    2.500.000 VND
  • Micro AKG PERCEPTION 220

    Micro AKG PERCEPTION 220

    5.050.000 VND
  • Micro AKG PERCEPTION 420

    Micro AKG PERCEPTION 420

    8.140.000 VND


    14.050.000 VND
    Professional tube Microphone with Remote Control Unit
  • Micro AKG C 1000 S

    Micro AKG C 1000 S

    5.500.000 VND
    Vocal/Instrument microphone
  • Micro AKG C 2000 B

    Micro AKG C 2000 B

    7.000.000 VND
    Micro AKG C 2000 B

    Ideal multitrack recording "workhorse" thanks to very low self noise;
    cardioid polar pattern for multiplicity of applications;
    exceptionally smooth frequency response.
    One of the basic rules of recording is that the quality of the recorded signal is determined by the weakest link in the signal chain. Today, any microphone needs to match the high quality of 24-bit recording media.
    Therefore, one of the most important requirements for the C2000 B was high sensitivity. This allows you to lay clean, noise-free tracks with no risk of noise levels from many individual tracks combining in the mix. Its high SPL capability makes the C2000 B a highly versatile microphone that can be used even for extremely loud instruments.
    The C2000 B will give perfect results for demo recordings, in the rehearsal room, as well as in the best recording studios.
  • Micro AKG C 3000

    Micro AKG C 3000

    8.800.000 VND
    Large diaphragm microphone for vocal & instrument
  • Micro AKG C 4000 B

    Micro AKG C 4000 B

    15.800.000 VND
    Large Diaphragm multi-pattern Studio Microphone
  • Micro AKG C414XLS/ST

    Micro AKG C414XLS/ST

    50.500.000 VND
    Absolutely perfectly matched stereo set of two C 414 XLS
    The C414 XLS reference multi-pattern condenser microphone offers a choice of nine polar patterns for the perfect sonic capture for every application. The C414 XLS maintains the sonic character of the legendary C414 B-ULS, the most popular AKG C414 version since 1971. Engineered for highest linearity and neutral sound, it has been the most versatile large-diaphragm microphone for decades.


    Micro cho thu âm


    Cardioid Dynamic, Studio Vocal Microphones.




    Micro cho thu âm (không kèm dây)


  • SHURE KSM32/ S L

    SHURE KSM32/ S L

    0 VND


    Supercardioid Large Diaphragm Side-address Condenser Microphone


    Micro cho thu âm USB




    2.200.000 VND
    With the DTP 340 TT LEWITT introduces consistently high-performing wired dynamic microphones specifically designed to accurately capture the sound of drums and percussion instruments providing a maximum of acoustic presence and clarity in live sound applications.

    Even in high sound pressure level applications, DTP 340 TT reproduces instrumental sounds with sonic detail and character. The super-cardioid polar pattern ensures that side and rear sounds are effectively rejected. Its rugged body and a hardened steel-mesh grille make this microphone highly durable professional gear for performers and audio engineers.


    Shock mount for studio microphones. Attenuates noise, shock and vibration transmitted through mic stands, booms and mounts. Quick-acting screw thread closure permits fast and easy setup. Compatible with 3/8" and 5/8" threads.


    LEWITT LCT 40 SHs Shock mount for studio microphones. Attenuates noise, shock and vibration transmitted through mic stands, booms and mounts. Quick-acting screw thread closure permits fast and easy setup. Compatible with 3/8" and 5/8" threads.
  • LEWITT LCT 40 SHxx

    LEWITT LCT 40 SHxx

    Shock mount for studio microphones. Attenuates noise, shock and vibration transmitted through mic stands, booms and mounts. Quick-acting screw thread closure permits fast and easy setup. Compatible with 3/8" and 5/8" threads.


    LEWITT LCT 40 SH Shock mount for studio microphones. Attenuates noise, shock and vibration transmitted through mic stands, booms and mounts. Quick-acting screw thread closure permits fast and easy setup. Compatible with 3/8" and 5/8" threads.
  • LEWITT LCT 40 M2

    LEWITT LCT 40 M2

    LEWITT LCT 40 M2 Stereobar for accurate positioning of mics. Compatible with 3/8" and 5/8" thread.


    LEWITT MTP 40 MT Adjustable drum microphone mount. Compatible with 3/8" and 5/8" threads.
  • LEWITT  DTP 40 Mts

    LEWITT DTP 40 Mts

    Rubber microphone mount. Provides firm grip and attenuates structure borne noise. Compatible with 3/8" and 5/8" threads.
  • LEWITT DTP 40 Tr

    LEWITT DTP 40 Tr

    LEWITT DTP 40 Tr High performance 5-pin audio cable. Oxygen free copper, extremely low resistance and a tight cable shielding ensures best signal transmission (4 m length).

    Suitable for

    DTP 640 REX
  • LEWITT DTP 40 Trs

    LEWITT DTP 40 Trs

    LEWITT DTP 40 Trs High performance 5-pin audio cable. Oxygen free copper, extremely low resistance and a tight cable shielding ensures best signal transmission (1.5 m length).

    Suitable for

    DTP 640 REX


    LEWITT LTS 40 RMs Rack hardware for LTS 240 wireless systems. Suitable for mounting up to two receivers in a 1U 19 inch rack.

    Suitable for

    LTS 240


    0 VND
    Các SM94 là một microphone electret condenser một chiều phù hợp với các nhạc cụ miking nhu cầu của các nhạc sĩ chuyên nghiệp và kỹ sư âm thanh trong cả hai biểu diễn trực tiếp và ghi âm. , Đáp ứng tần số phẳng mịn của nó là miễn phí hoặc là một đỉnh cao sự hiện diện hoặc một rolloff tần số thấp, làm cho nó một sự lựa chọn hoàn hảo cho tất cả các loại nhạc cụ. Các SM94 là bằng nhau ở nhà trong các hệ thống tăng cường âm thanh hoặc trong studio âm thanh và hình ảnh chuyển động / giai đoạn chấm điểm TV. Khi được sử dụng với gió màn hình tùy chọn, SM94 có thể được sử dụng bởi các ca sĩ và bài ​​phát biểu của các nhà hoạch định những người mong muốn một phản ứng bằng phẳng rộng với màu sắc tối thiểu.
  • SHURE SM81

    SHURE SM81

    0 VND

    SM81Instrument Microphone

    Công nghiệp-tiêu chuẩn mic nổi tiếng với độ chính xác âm trong sân khấu và phòng thu buổi diễn.


    0 VND
    mic thu am AT2020USB+
    Audio-Technica AT2020USB+ là một trong những micro thu âm tại nhà đáng sử dụng nhất hiện nay. Với một cổng kết nối USB để tích hợp trực tiếp với cả máy tính Windows và Mac, AT2020USB+ là micro hoàn hảo cho phòng thu tại nhà, các lĩnh vực ghi âm, sử dụng lồng tiếng, podcast.


    0 VND
    Micro thu âm AT2020 được cấu tạo với màng thu có đường kính 16mm , nhờ điều này mà AT2020 đáp ứng tốt khi thu giọng ca và nhạc cụ. Mang lại âm thanh tự nhiên trung thực, chất âm sáng và chi tiết .
    Micro thu âm AT2020 được cấu tạo với màng thu có đường kính 16mm , nhờ điều này mà AT2020 đáp ứng tốt khi thu giọng ca và nhạc cụ. Mang lại âm thanh tự nhiên trung thực, chất âm sáng và chi tiết .
    Hướng thu hình trái tim:
    Triệt tiêu tối đa các nguồn âm thanh từ hai bên và phía sau, điều này sẽ cho bạn kết quả là một bản thu sạch, không bị nhiễm tạp âm. Điều này có nghĩa bạn sẽ dành ít thời gian cho việc trộn và chỉnh sửa trong phòng thu và giảm rất nhiều thời gian thiết lập tinh chỉnh trực tiếp.
    Tần số đáp ứng và dải động rộng :
    Với tần số đáp ứng 20Hz-20kHz và dải động 124dB cho phép thu với âm lượng tối đa. Điều này có ý nghĩa rất quan trọng với những ứng dụng thu âm với âm lượng lớn như hát rock,…. Đối với các nhạc cụ như Trống, piano, và guitar thì dải động yếu tố kohong thể thiếu để có thể thu âm thanh một cách đầy đủ và chi tiết nhất.
    Tích hợp chống shock ngay trong mic:
    Thông thường khi sử dụng một mic condenser, người sử dụng phải lắp đặt thêm 1 giá chống shock cho mic( shockmount) mục đích bảo vệ mic và triệt tiêu những rung động có thể gây ảnh hưởng tới mic trong khi thu (thường là rung động do dẫm chân khi ca sỹ thu âm). Với Audio-technica AT2020 , shockmout đã trở thành vật trang trí đơn thuần, bởi vì trong cấu tạo của AT2020 ,các kỹ sư của Audio-technica đã tích hợp khả năng chống rung và va đập ngay trong thân mic AT2020. Điều này sẽ giúp cho mic có được tuổi thọ sử dụng lâu dài và tiết kiệm chi phí cho bạn.


    0 VND
    mic thu am technica AT2010
    AT2010 được thiết kế để mang lại sự khớp nối từ studio- chất lượng và thông minh của dòng 20 Series Audio- Technica lên sân khấu biểu diễn với giọng hát trong trẻo . Với cùng 1 màng chắn 6 mm khối lượng thấp , AT2020 sử dụng trong phòng thu , còn AT2010 làm nổi bật giọng hát hơn với việc biểu diễn trong nhà thờ , các buổi biểu diễn solo, ca sĩ nhạc jazz , ca sĩ / nhạc sĩ , và nhiều hơn nữa .
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